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Trade on a wide range FX, stocks, metals, equities and energies CFDs with our custom designed trading platforms.

Trade CFDs on Stocks and Shares – Trade Apple, Google, Nike, JP Morgan, and IBM Shares

Absolut Ability is the leading CFDs broker and traders from all around the world use our CFD trading platform to trade share CFDs on a daily basis. When it comes to the contract value of our Equity CFDs, they’re quoted in cents, which means that if Apple share CFDs are trading at USD 98.56, then the value of one Apple share CFD is USD 98.56. With a 5% Initial Margin, we can give you additional buying power in the form of leverage when trading share CFDs. In fact, you’re able to gain up to 20 times the buying power to trade the most actively traded shares listed on stock exchanges from around the world. As we have one of the most powerful and intuitive CFD trading platforms in the world, you can start trading CFDs on share right away!

Trade Forex and the Leading Currency Pairs – EUR/USD, USD/JPY, etc.

We’re not just one of the world’s leading CFDs brokerages, but also offer our traders the opportunity to trade Forex too. With us, you can trade the most popular international currency pairs easily and effectively. Our easy to use and innovative trading platform gives you complete access to over 50 leveraged Forex pairs. Enhance your trading potential and diversify your investment portfolio by trading Forex using margined CFD leverage positions. When you trade Forex with leverage, you’re magnifying the scope for both your profit and loss, so always use caution when trading Forex with leverage.

Trade CFDs on Indices – Trade the World’s Leading Indices, S&P 500, Dow Jones and the DAX

We give you the chance to trade the future value of an index like the NASDAQ, Dow Jones, etc. By trading CFDs on Indices, you can fully diversify your trading and investment portfolio as indices are made up of the world’s leading companies. Take the NASDAQ for example. Apple, Microsoft, Intel and Amazon are listed on the NASDAQ index, and this index is traded by hundreds of thousands of traders each and every day. An index has a price point, which is made up of all the values of the companies it holds. This is why trading CFDs on Indices is very volatile. The contract value of one Index CFD equals the price quoted in the currency of the Index. What do we mean by this? If the UK 100 is trading at 6,750, then the value of one UK 100 CFD is £ 6,750. We offer the market trader fixed spreads between the buy and sell prices and no commissions! Neither do we add any hidden fees on any of the assets and instruments we offer to our traders.

Trade Commodity CFDs – Invest in Gold, Silver, Oil, Natural Gas without Owning the Asset

Trade the oldest financial asset in the world, Commodities. With Absolut Ability, you can trade a series of CFDs on Commodities such as Gold, Silver, the highly volatile asset Oil, as well as a host of other commodities. Our award-winning trading platform gives you the edge when it comes to trading CFDs on Commodities as you’ll have immediate access to the quality Commodities CFD market. When it comes to the contract size and value of one Commodity CFD, it’s good to know that one Commodity CFD equals the price quoted in the currency of the said commodity. For example, if Gold CFDs are trading at $1,200.50, then the value of one ounce Gold CFD is $1,200.50. Trade Commodity CFDs today with your leading CFDs broker, Absolut Ability.

Forex and CFDs Pricing

We give you full and unparalleled access to view real-time market prices directly sourced from the market where the underlying instrument is traded. The only fee added is a small fixed calibrated buy-sell premium, which is applied to the market mid-price, which it totalled into the final Absolut Ability quoted price.

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