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Absolut Ability Account Verification

Verify your account for extra protection and the chance to enjoy 100% of Absolut Ability’s additional benefits and broker services.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for opening a trading account with us here at Absolut Ability. You’re now on a pathway to becoming a trader and an investor, and everyone here is proud of you.

Secondly, because of our regulatory obligations, our priority is your security. To ensure we keep the utmost security, we require specific identification documents from you. These documents should be supplied to us so that we can verify your trading account and approve your account. Once we approve it, you can start trading.
You can choose to scan your documents, and if you do, we strongly recommend that you use the following settings:

– 200 dpi
– Grey level (not color)
– File format should be JPEG
– Resolution should be set to 24 bits

You can also photograph your documents with your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device and then uploaded either from: the Web Trader Account Options tab > Account Verification, or you can upload them via our mobile app. Simply go to the Help & Support node > New Subject > Upload File.
You’re going to need to ensure that you’ve completed the assessment of appropriateness. This is step 2 of our registration process. What is the assessment of appropriateness? This is where we ask you a few questions so that we can detail your trading experience, trading activity and other knowledge.

Please provide us with the following:

Your Government Issued Photo ID
Your government issued ID must clearly display your name and your date of birth. It must also have a valid expiration date. You can use your passport or your driver’s license as these two forms of ID are ideal. The name on your ID must be the same as the name you supplied on your Absolut Ability application.

Your Proof of Address
We need a proof of address from you. Your address must correspond with the address you supplied when you submitted your application to us. You can provide us with a proof of address via a utility bill, and you can use an electricity, phone, or water bill. You can also use a bank statement, lease or mortgage agreement. Please note that if you’re going to be sending us a bill as your proof of address, the bill will have to be less than 3 months old. If you send us a bill that’s older than 3 months, it won’t be accepted. It’s really important to ensure that your name appears on the bill, along with your address and the name of the company issuing the bill. They must all be clearly visible in the image that you send us.

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